An individual who suffers an injury on the job should make all
efforts to learn what kind of benefits they might receive through the
workers’ compensation insurance maintained by their employer.
The Law Offices of Gilbert Maturino makes sure that injured
workers receive the medical treatment they need after an industrial
injury. We also protect injured workers from being forced to pay
for medical bills. Most clients worry how they will keep up with
their expenses during the course of their medical treatment. Many
California workers are entitled to temporary disability payments
once a doctor states that you are unable to perform your usual
work duties for more than three days or you are hospitalized
overnight. Temporary disability payments may come in the form of
state disability insurance (for up to 1 year) or from the workers’
compensation insurance carrier (for up to 104 weeks).

Once a doctor decides that you have become permanent and
stationary, meaning that your condition is not getting any better or
worse, you will be assigned a permanent disability rating. The Law
Offices of Gilbert Maturino converts the permanent disability rating
into a dollar amount through a statutory formula. Shortly after your
condition is declared permanent and stationary, the insurance
company will begin to advance reasonable sums of money until the
full amount is paid.

The Law Offices of Gilbert Maturino will then explain the different
manners by which you may settle your case. In short, you will
likely either agree to an Award or a Compromise & Release. An
Award usually leaves the insurance company the responsibility for
lifetime medical care for the work injury. With an Award, the
injured worker is entitled to money for any permanent disability
that they have from their industrial injury. The other way many
cases are resolved is by Compromise and Release. The employee
receives a lump sum of money and is not entitled to future medical
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