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My seven year old son was viciously attacked by
our neighbor's pit bull.   The mauling  left my son
with severe deep bite wounds to his chest.  The
injury required immediate hospitalization and later
plastic surgery at Loma Linda University Medical
Center to remove the extensive scar tissue.   Our
neighbor's homeowner's insurance company
denied my son's claim and refused to accept
responsibility for his injuries and medical bills.  
The Law Offices of Gilbert diligently pursued my
son's legal rights and ultimately won a substantial
settlement against the insurance company.  With
the settlement funds an annuity has been set up
that will guarantee my son's future college
education.  Thank you for helping my son.
Juan H.
While at work I stepped on a rusty nail.  At first I didn't think much about it.  
However, because of my diabetic condition a simple infection became a life
threatening situation.  I found myself in the hospital with the doctors telling me that
my leg would need to be amputated to save my life.   After my surgery I discovered
that my employer's worker's compensation insurance carrier was denying my claim.   
Not only was I left disabled but now I was left
without any way to support myself.   I retained the
Law Offices of Gilbert Maturino and they
immediately investigated the worksite where I was
injured and proved to the insurance company that
I was injured on the job.   I am now receiving
monthly compensation for my disability, receiving
the best medical care possible and planning for a
better future.   Thanks for believing in me when all
looked so bleak.
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Frank G.
I was driving home from work when a drunk driver suddenly make a left turn
directly in front of my car.  I tried to stop but my car "t-boned" the drunk driver's
vehicle.  It was a bad accident;  I was pretty banged up and my car was a total loss.
The Law Offices of Gilbert Maturino got me compensated for my car and made sure
I received the medical care that I needed to get back to work and in good health.  
After the accident I felt pretty
stressed out but after retaining
the Law Offices of Gilbert
Maturino they handled the
whole situation for me.  What
a relief that was.  Thanks for
helping me out when I really
needed it.